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Artbank Staff Profile: Amber Gane

Name: Amber Gane

Job Title: Administration Officer

What year did you join the Artbank team: 2019

Describe your role and what you enjoy about working for Artbank:
Paperwork, emails and phone calls oh my! Administration work is much the same no matter where it is performed, however getting to do it in the Artbank vault is something special. With artwork in constant fluctuation through the doors there is always something new and beautiful, quirky or outright bizarre to see in the office. My interests and background are actually science, and I stumbled into the Artbank team completely by chance in 2019. I love it here though and won’t be moving on any time soon.

Select an Artwork to represent you:
#14710Abdul-Rahman Abdullah, Among Monsters, 2017, Stained wood and glass.

Short explanation of your artwork selection:
I love this piece – the way the artist has taken wood, something usually so solid and still, and made it look like it could scuttle down the wall at any second - it thrills me! The title of this piece also captures my imagination, ‘Among Monsters’, I guess most people would assume that the spiders are the monsters. Though I’ve always assumed it to be the other way around. Invertebrates are, to me, stunning creatures trapped in an ever-changing world of two legged giants…

Abdul-Rahman Abdullah, Among Monsters, 2017 - Artwork

Abdul-Rahman Abdullah, Among Monsters, 2017