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Artbank Staff Profile: Camille Klose

Name: Camille Klose

Job Title: Art Consultant 

What year did you join the Artbank team: 2018

Describe your role and what you enjoy about working for Artbank:                                   
I am one of the Art Consultants that oversees the leasing programs of the art collection. I enjoy the diversity of the Artbank collection and the Artbank staff. Everyone has such a unique set of skills and backgrounds which always makes for a rich learning environment. 

Searching through the art racks never fails to remind me of how lucky I am to be exposed to such a HUGE collection of Australian art. 

Select an Artwork to represent you:                                                                                              
#14718, David Capra
, Birthing Things in the Spirit: The Waterbirth, 2014
, High definition video.

Short explanation of your artwork selection:                                                                             
I can’t help but smile throughout the whole 20 minutes of this beautiful time-based work by David Capra. Part video-work, part performance piece, I feel that this is a fabulous tribute to a time when the silver screen was as much about the narrative as it was the grand and opulent sets and huge musical scores. What greater way to capture the nostalgia of these magnificent and grand productions than from the local indoor swimming pool.

There is heart-warming courageousness in the efforts and coordination of the elderly synchronised swimmers and their props. Whilst somewhat elegant from the surface of the pool, an underwater camera captures the difficulty of working in this medium.

Humorous, light hearted and ridiculous, this incredibly nostalgic work always leaves me feeling uplifted.

David Capra, Birthing Things in the Spirit: The Waterbirth, 2014 - Artwork

David Capra, Birthing Things in the Spirit: The Waterbirth, 2014