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Artbank Staff Profile: Lara Odessa Dykun

Name: Lara Odessa Dykun

Job Title: Registrar

What year did you join the Artbank team: 2018

Describe your role and what you enjoy about working for Artbank:

My role at Artbank is to be responsible for the management, care and movement of the Artbank collection. This includes coordinating freight, installation and display of Artworks around Australia, managing loans and incoming new acquisitions, condition reporting and storage of artworks and coordinating conservation of the collection. 

I love working in the collections store where artworks come and go all the time. It’s always exciting to see artworks you have never seen in person arrive in the flesh. Artbank is such a great initiative – supporting living Australian artists and allowing the public access to lease an incredible collection. It’s such a unique collection, as it’s constantly moving, never static – enjoyed by different people all the time. 

Select an Artwork to represent you:

#13955, Louise ParamorWild Card #4 (Tiger), 2013, Plastic and fibreglass.

Short explanation of your artwork selection:

I chose this colourful plastic assemblage because Louise Paramor is a local, Melbourne based artist I admire (and I like the upside down cat). While her artworks are very playful, they also speak to the impact of mass consumerism. 

Louise Paramor, Wild Card #4 (Tiger), 2013- Artwork

Louise Paramor, Wild Card #4 (Tiger), 2013