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Artworks by Tina Havelock Stevens & George Howlett

Artbank Roadshow 2021

The Artbank Roadshow is a national initiative that provides opportunities for unrepresented artists to present their work to Artbank for potential acquisition. The Roadshow is designed to increase exposure for artists from regional Australia, who generally have less access to gallery and dealer networks. The Roadshow will enable artists not yet represented by a commercial gallery to introduce themselves to Artbank, pitch their work and engage in discussions with Artbank curators.

Due to Covid 19 the 2020 Artbank Roadshow was put on hold. Artbank is now in the process of rescheduling the remaining Roadshow stops in Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Newcastle, Hobart, Perth, Cairns and Darwin.

We will provide updates on the new application dates on our website and social media channels over the next period.

Please contact Artbank directly if you have any further questions.



The Artbank Roadshow is a national initiative that seeks to provide opportunities for unrepresented artists as Artbank recognises that there are finite opportunities for artists to be represented by a commercial gallery or dealer, particularly in regional Australia.