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Art Leasing for Business

Transform your business with Artbank

Whether in your home office or corporate enterprise, art leasing provides a flexible and cost effective way to create truly exciting spaces. Artbank has been collecting, curating and promoting the value of Australian art for over 40 years – with more than 10,000 artworks by Australian artists, our collection has something for everyone!

Our art consultants specialise in curating thoughtful and impactful art selections that will both inspire and delight. Many of our clients choose to refresh their artworks annually, boosting creativity and enhancing their workplace culture.

To reinforce your corporate identity or simply to communicate your personal style, the Artbank collection has something for everyone. The service is also tax deductible. Our team of Art Consultants is here to support you through every step of the process.

Our collection represents and promotes contemporary art from all parts of Australia, including a rich and diverse selection of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists.

When you choose Artbank to provide artwork for your office, you are directly supporting Australian artists and contributing to the growth, sustainability and celebration of Australian art.  

We ensure appropriate professional and ethical industry practices are upheld in all aspects of our program.

Art Leasing for Business - QATAR MTC Lounge

Samuel Tupou: Anniversary Skull - Red

Business Installation

Affordable art for your business

Annual rental for individual Artbank artworks ranges from as little as $165 to a maximum of $5,500 per year. With a minimum annual spend of only $550 and flexible leasing terms, our leasing program is designed to cater for a wide variety of client requirements.

Our team of registrars, coupled with our extensive network of transport and installation specialists, will ensure your artworks are installed with appropriate care and consideration.

With Artbank offices in 3 states, and servicing all of Australia, we are ready to assist with your contemporary art needs. Get in touch and discover the possibilities.

The benefits of Artbank

Artworks can transform your office, bringing inspiration and energy to your space.

Artbank allows you to refresh your artworks every 12 months. We offer affordable and tax deductible leasing arrangements.

Our Art Consultants will offer inspiration and expertise, supporting your artwork rental from start to finish, while our team of Registrars and technicians will install and maintain your artworks with expert care.