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Artist Support

Artbank is a unique government initiative supporting over 4,000 Australian artists. Artbank plays an important role as one of the first institutions to acquire works by early career practitioners.

Supporting over 4,000 Australian artists

Artbank provides direct support to living Australian artists through the acquisition of their work. We are committed to reaching a diverse cross-section of Australian artists from different locations, cultural backgrounds and career stages to build a collection that is representative of the best Australian artistic talent.

For unrepresented artists For represented artists

Artbank Roadshow

The Artbank Roadshow is a national initiative that provides opportunities for unrepresented artists to present their work to Artbank for potential acquisition. The Roadshow is designed to increase exposure for artists from regional Australia, who generally have less access to gallery and dealer networks.

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Emerging Curator Program

This program provides a unique opportunity for an emerging curator to gain professional experience working with one of the largest collections of contemporary Australian art.

For emerging curators