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Emerging Curator Program

An art exhibition where videos are being played


In 2018, Artbank started a new initiative to invite early career curators into the exhibition space to engage with the collection, encouraging fresh perspectives and conversations about Australian contemporary art. The program provides a unique chance to gain experience within a professional institutional environment, working with one of the largest collections of contemporary Australian art.

2020 recipients

The 2020 recipients are Anja Loughhead and Sabrina Baker. Their exhibition Artwork will launch in April 2020. Read the media release

Past recipients

  • The Four Letter Word launched on 30 November 2019, curated by Melbourne-based curator Sophia Cai. The exhibition examined the age-old question – ‘what is love?’ and the way something which originates as a feeling or abstract idea can take physical form and action through artistic expression.
  • A Vacant Space launched on 22 November 2018, curated by Adelaide-based curator Eleanor Scicchitano. The exhibition explored how artists capture action and gesture, and how they use these moments to question our place in the world.
  • In a World of Wounds launched on 30 August 2018, curated by Sydney-based artist and curator Talia Smith. The exhibition examined the emotional and physical traces we leave behind on the landscape, the histories we build and the ruins we leave.

Applications for the next round will open in 2020 for exhibitions in 2021.

If you require any further information, please email us or call 1800 251 651.