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The Grey Zone

The Grey Zone

12 March 2020 to 25 September 2020 - Melbourne Showroom currently closed to the public – please contact Artbank for enquiries

Collecting and Collaboration in Contemporary Art and Design
Edition Office and Trent Jansen

Artbank Melbourne
18-24 Down Street Collingwood VIC
Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm

The Grey Zone: Collecting and Collaborating in Contemporary Art and Design is an exhibition that blurs the boundaries between Art and Design. In collaboration with Edition Office and Trent Jansen, The Grey Zone draws together artworks from the Artbank collection and a selection of objects and design pieces to refocus how we engage with our everyday world and the items we encounter in it.

Edition Office purpose built Artbank Melbourne collection store in Collingwood in 2018, now an active design, alive with the constant flow of artworks coming and going via the Artbank leasing program.

Taking the opportunity to revisit their own design, Edition Office have reinterpreted the unique Artbank site collaboratively with design practitioners to question and consider the nature of the Artbank collection.

The exhibition design is based around a set of purpose-crafted armatures that build a structural connection between the selected objects and their corresponding artworks, however, the connection between the 8 loaned objects and the Artbank collection works goes much deeper. Each coupling draws on the experience of the curators – Trent Jansen and Edition Office as well as the history and cultural significance of each object. The viewer becomes an active collaborator too, bringing their own experience to their interpretation of each pairing.

2020 has brought changes to the world that have reshaped the way we view and engage with spaces, content and people. Artbank is proud to present a 3D viewing room of The Grey Zone – our virtual tour allows you to step inside the Artbank Melbourne showroom to explore this responsive, site-specific exhibition.

Please click the link below to view the 3D viewing room

Please click the link below to download an audio

More information
Phone: 1800 251 651