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With Thunder-Stroke and Rain

With Thunder-Stroke and Rain

5 March 2020 to 27 March 2020 - Sydney

Artbank Sydney
222 Young Street Waterloo, NSW

Image: Tina Havelock Stevens, Thunderhead, 2016, High definition digital video, 17:37mins.

This exhibition centres around artistic expressions of lightning. Lightning is a particularly rich motif that is present in many historical times and cultures. The centrepieces of the exhibition features two significant works by Noᶇgirrᶇa Marawili entitled Baratjala, a place connected to the sacred lightning snake.

These works were acquired by Artbank in 2019 and represent lightning as a generative yet violent force. The gallery is turned into a theatrical and narrative exhibition space of clouds, flashes, and thunder rolls. It provides an experience, through Australian contemporary art, of the power of nature and the inspirational spark of creativity.

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