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Tjungu Palyangku Tjukurpa Titutjara Kunpu Ngaranytja-Ku

Tjungu Palyangku Tjukurpa Titutjara Kunpu Ngaranytja-Ku

18 July 2019 to 8 November 2019 - Sydney
25 July 2019 to 8 November 2019 - Melbourne
Past Exhibitions

As we come together we stand strong for our story.

Curated by Tjungu Palya Artists

Artbank Sydney

222 Young Street Waterloo NSW

18 July to 8 November 2019

Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

Artbank Melbourne

18 – 24 Down Street Collingwood VIC

25 July to 8 November 2019

Wednesday to Friday 11am to 4pm

‘This is a very old idea, an idea that came to us through our Ancestors.’ – artist, Keith Stevens.

Artbank is facilitating a community-led exhibition of works by the Tjungu Palya Art Centre from the Nyapari community in South Australia. Two years in the making, the exhibition will be displayed in Artbank’s Sydney and Melbourne galleries. This exciting project showcases a large body of work by 12 artists from the community, all of which have been acquired by Artbank for the collection.

Led by the Watarru Collaborative, the Kanmpi Collaborative and the Wati Collaborative, the exhibition retells Tjukurpa (sacred stories) and shows the unique and innovative ways this can be done across different mediums including painting, ink drawing and performance video. The artists assert the vibrancy and contemporary nature of their stories and way of life through inma (performing sacred ritual).