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Artbank Announces Inaugural Roadshow

The Artbank Roadshow is a national initiative that seeks to provide opportunities for unrepresented artists to be seen and potentially acquired for the Artbank Collection. Artbank recognises that there are finite opportunities for artists to be represented by a commercial dealer. Accordingly, The Artbank Roadshow ensures democracy of access for professional, practising Australian artists who otherwise would have limited opportunities for their work to be seen in this context as they do not currently have a commercial dealer/gallery.

The Artbank collection is dynamic, representing and promoting contemporary art from Australia, rather than a ‘museum’ collection. Balancing broad representation, excellence, new and emerging art practice and rentability are key factors when considering artworks for acquisition. The selection criteria that all artworks must meet to qualify for purchase are available for download here.

The Artbank Roadshow tour schedule for 2016/17 is as follows:

• Hobart 10 June 2016 – closed

• Cairns 13 July 2016 – closed

• Brisbane 20 July 2016 – closed

• Darwin 4 August 2016 – closed

• Alice Springs 8 September 2016 – closed

• Sydney 12 & 13 October 2016 – closed

• Newcastle 10 November 2016 -closed

• Adelaide 7 March 2017 – closed

• Melbourne 27-28 March 2017 – closed

• Kandos – Cementa 7 April 2017 – closed

• Perth 4 May 2017 – closed

• Canberra 26 May 2017 – closed

The Artbank Roadshow will start again in 2018/19 – application dates to be announced.