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Artbank Staff Profile: Courtney Kidd

Name: Courtney Kid

Job Title: Art Consultant

What year did you join the Artbank team: 2003

Describe your role and what you enjoy about working for Artbank:    

I came to this extraordinary and unique organisation from a background in visual arts writing and teaching and this stood me in good stead for the role. Being passionate about the significance of art in contemporary Australian culture is an important part of it. Over time in the position, I’ve acquired extensive knowledge of the Artbank collection and the unique place it holds as a leasing library of quality art. I enjoy the challenge of offering a high level of professional expertise while straddling commercial and artistic imperatives but the best bit is working with the terrific and diverse range of clients that utilise Artbank’s services for their homes and offices.

Select an Artwork to represent you:   

A#12035 Alan Jones, Mike, 2007, recycled fabrics, hessian and cotton                                                                                       

Short explanation of your artwork selection:                                                                             

Alan Jones is best known for paintings and sculptures that explore identity and human relationships, for which he has been recognised with awards such as the Brett Whiteley Travelling Art Scholarship and a residency at the Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris. 

In this bold, quirky sculpture, sewn by hand from recycled fabrics, he has created a portrait of his father “Mike”. This was originally exhibited as a suspension from the ceiling in the gallery. The caterpillar moustache and the oversize scale of the head further heightens the delightfully comical nature of the work. 

Alan Jones, Mike, 2017 Artwork

Alan Jones, Mike, 2017