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Artbank Staff Profile: Lauren Newton

Name: Lauren Newton

Job Title: Assistant Director - Operations

What year did you join the Artbank team: 2006

Describe your role and what you enjoy about working for Artbank:
I commenced at Artbank as a temp receptionist, back when Artbank was located in Rosebery and hand written telephone notes were used instead of email. Having come from a performing arts background, I developed a real passion for Artbank’s objectives and delighted in bringing Artbank up to speed with innovative administrative processes. As an avid people organiser (and people pleaser) I have been fortunate to work across many roles during my time at Artbank. I have attended professional development programs in public sector leadership and management which, together with my knowledge of the organisation, gives me the skills to manage the administrative and governance functions of Artbank, leading the administration team to provide excellence in finance and accounts management, client management, human resources, office administration and IT whilst ensuring Artbank is compliant with the whole of government requirements.

Select an Artwork to represent you:  
A#14214, Kaylene Whiskey, Rikina Kungka Kutju (One Really Cool Lady), 2015, acrylic on linen.

Short explanation of your artwork selection:
Okay so the title Rikina Kungka Kutju (One Really Cool Lady) almost put me off selecting it. You see I love this work for its representation of the strength that women share when they support each other, but I am definitely not One Really Cool Lady, unless you consider looking after house plants, wrangling children and drinking bubbles as cool. Kaylene Whiskey has become known for her bold, comic book-style paintings in which everyday fantastical narratives with a feminist undertone convey stories from the Indulkana community and Whiskey’s own day to day experiences, played out with characters from western popular culture.

Kaylene Whiskey, Rikina Kungka Kutju (One Really Cool Lady), 2015 - Artwork

Kaylene Whiskey, Rikina Kungka Kutju (One Really Cool Lady), 2015